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Total War: Three Kingdoms eingestellt – neues Three Kingdoms-Spiel angekündigt

Zukünftig folgen weder DLCc noch Patches für Total War: Three Kingdoms. Vor ein paar Tagen erschien mit Update 1.7.1 der letzte Patch.

Der letzte Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.7.1 für Total War: Three Kingdoms ist seit ein paar Tagen online. Er stellt den Abschied von Total War: Three Kingdoms seitens seiner Entwickler*Innen bei Creative Assembly dar. In einem Recap-Video lassen sie das Spiel mit seinen 7 DLCs Revue passieren.


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Das Ende von Three Kingdoms und der Anfang eines neuen Romance of the Three Kingdoms-Total War

Wie das Studio im offiziellen Discord bestätigte, wird es keine weiteren DLCs oder Patches für Total War: Three Kingdoms geben. Auch das vor einer Weile angekündigt Nordchina-Erweiterungspaket ist eingestellt und wird nicht mehr erscheinen.

Stattdessen hat sich als Auskopplung aus dem historischen Team bei Creative Assembly ein Romance of the Three Kingdoms -Team gebildet. Dieses neue Team arbeitet an einem neuen eigenständigen Spiel im Three Kingdoms-Universum, das sich in der Pre-Production-Phase befinde. Bis zur Veröffentlichung wird es also voraussichtlich noch ein paar Jahre dauern. Bisher hat Creative Assembly nicht erklärt, warum sie Total War: Three Kingdoms nicht weiter supporten.

Es liegt allerdings die Vermutung nah, dass ein weiterer Support bei den aktuellen Spieler*Innen-Zahlen nicht lukrativ genug war. Außerdem befinden sich mindestens drei Total War-Ableger bei Creative Assembly in Entwicklung: Zum einen Total War: Warhammer 3, das vermutete, nächste historische Total War und das neue Romance of Three Kingoms-Spiel. Ähnlich wie bei anderen Studios in der Pandemie könnte es daher sein, dass die Entwickler*Innen von Total War: Three Kingdoms bei der Entwicklung der anderen Spiele dringend benötigt werden. Beispielsweise zog EA Criterion zur Entwicklung von Battlefield (2021) hinzu, weswegen ein neues Need for Speed aktuell auf Eis liegt.

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Patchnotes zu Update 1.7.1

Das letzte Update für Three Kingdoms besteht fast ausschließlich aus Bugfixes für alle Bereiche des Spiels. Davon abgesehen passt es die Geographie der Kampagnenkarte etwas an. So haben die Entwickler*Innen den Berg Song und den Hulao Pass nun an ihre geographisch korrekte Position bewegt. Außerdem gibt es am Gelben Fluss nun mehr unpassierbares Terrain, damit Armeen Pässen nicht mehr so leicht ausweichen können.

Map Changes

  • Moved Mount Song and Hulao pass to their correct location
  • Added more impassable areas to the Yellow River to prevent moving past some passes

Bug Fixes


  • Reduced frequency of AI picking Faction Council missions that spawn Looters
  • On restoring the Han your factions name will change to the Han Empire and your flag will change to the Han Empire
  • Removed Imperial Favour gain from positive public order, and adjusted some food-based gains
  • Xiangyang is now owned by Liu Biao in 200
  • Friend relationships added between Mi Zhu, Sun Qian and Liu Bei in 200, and family relationships between Lady Mi and Mi Zhu and Mi Fang
  • Zhou Tai’s now heals 0.2% of max HP every second, 5 times slower than before, and can no longer use his heal when on an elephant
  • Governors can now restore the Han (or declare independence) if they control the emperor when they hit the maximum prestige level
  • Fixed two desync errors with Cao Cao in co-op and at the 190 start date.
  • Fixed starting the game with Chinese IME leading to losing control of keyboard and mouse in-game in certain versions of Windows 10.

Campaign Fixes

  • Fixed crash when annexing Yellow Turban settlements as the Han
  • Fixed crash when extracting a spy when they’re leading an army
  • Fixed crash related to annexing settlements and amount of action points remaining to the army annexing
  • Fixed crash that could happen upon zooming in on a besieged settlement
  • Yellow Turban Rebellion can no longer be invited to join Empires
  • Postponed the ‘Restore the Han’ dilemma until Emperor Xian is an adult to make sure he could not become faction leader when still a child
  • Removed duplicate Black Mountain Hideout buildings in the 194 campaign
  • Fixed issue where if a faction in an alliance left it, alliance peace would be automatically signed but one faction would remain in an alliance war and be unable to leave it
  • Fixed issue where the Trade Territory function was not always working correctly
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to annex territory of a faction who had left your Empire
  • Fixed issue where nothing happened if you attacked a vassal of a member of your Empire, the correct diplomacy pop-ups now occur
  • Fixed issue where player would get two pop-up messages if the target of a mercenary contract is vassalised by the faction issuing the contract
  • If a faction which is fulfilling a mercenary contract is vassalised the contract now ends and the mission will expire the following turn
  • Fixed issue where vassals did not always have access to the option to request permission to declare war from their vassal master
  • Nanman rebels can now no longer do any diplomatic treaties beyond war, this will only apply to new campaigns
  • Vassalising a Nanman faction through settlement occupation option as a Nanman faction will now correctly sign peace with that faction
  • Fixed issue where Nanman diplomatic options with Han factions were not always working correctly
  • Fixed issue where Demand Fealty for Nanman wasn’t correctly unlocking the option to vassalize Han factions
  • Fixed issue where Yellow Turban factions were sometimes not progressing and therefore not gaining access to more diplomatic treaties
  • Fixed issue where Dong Zhuo incorrectly had access to Liu Hong’s specific diplomatic option to annex empire subjects
  • Fixed issue where Yu Jin leaves Cao Cao on turn 1 of a legendary 194 campaign
  • Moved Emperor Xian’s pin in the 200 campaign to Xuchang to match his location
  • Liang Rebels in Mandate of Heaven are no longer affected by Imperial Favour
  • Han Empire and factions like Liu Hong led by a current/former Emperor now get a boost to Imperial Favour
  • Northern Army veteran units now have unit caps to be consistent with the basic Northern army units
  • Fixed many instances of characters appearing in the 200 campaign who should already be dead
  • Fixed issue where Liu Xie with his unique art could be born to any character
  • Xun You can now correctly access all skills in his tree, which enables him to gain access to his Turning the Tide ability
  • Updated text for Lu Bu’s Personal Victories and Momentum to reflect the fact that he gains both from defeating enemy generals in battles, not from duels, as many AI generals are reluctant to duel him
  • Fixed issue where the Qiao sisters event was not triggering for Sun Ce
  • Fixed issue where if the Emperor is executed by a non-Han faction a duplicate Liu Xie could spawn
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Iron General’ title was not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed issue where when Nanman children are born they would ‘steal’ one weapon and one mount from the factions available pools
  • Shanyue in 200 were set to Bandit culture but Han military group, their military group now matches their culture which will enable them to recruit more units
  • Fixed issue where when playing as Dong Zhuo in Mandate of Heaven Lu Bu did not always join the player due to an error in the related events
  • Corrected unlock conditions for Liu Chong trophy that required 15 spear infantry units but only tested for pike infantry
  • Fixed issue where Rice Paddies were not providing food production from farming as Bandits
  • Fixed issue where increase in spy slots was not applying unless campaign is saved and reloaded
  • Fixed issue where Imperial units were not being unlocked correctly by technologies in the Eight Princes campaign
  • Fixed issue where Liu Yan/Liu Zhang’s tier 6 settlements were wrongly giving a faction-wide bonus of +50% to commerce income

Battle Fixes

  • Fixed issue where several settlement maps were covered in the caltrops ground type
  • Fixed issue where Yu Jin had different abilities in custom battle to campaign
  • Fixed issue where several characters unrelated to Yuan Shao had the ‘Familial Conflict’ ability, and added it to Yuan Shu
  • Fixed issue where faces of Nanman units could appear black at certain angles/lighting

UI Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some already researched techs in the Nanman tech tree were not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue where player would get notifications and pop-ups about Imperial Intrigue before the feature was active
  • Fixed issue where first notification for a turn does not always pop-up
  • Fixed issue where more than 11 administrator positions did not fit into the court UI, a scroll bar has been added
  • Fixed issue where the ‘King of Kings’ UI for Meng Huo was not updating with the correct duration
  • Fixed issue where some character names were shown in lower case when loading into battles
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Discredit Faction’ was sometimes available in circumstances that weren’t valid
  • Removed outdated information on the Info Overlay for Cao Cao and Yuan Shao
  • Fixed issue where the Abdicate Emperorship diplomatic proposal had wrong description, it wrongly suggested the faction being proposed to would abdicate, instead of the one proposing the deal

Assembly Kit

  • Fixed issue where startpos processing was not being done correctly

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