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Battlefleet Gothic Armada verfügt nun über Ranked und ein Leaderboard


Battlefleet Gothic Armada verfügt seit dem neusten Patch über Ranglisten-Matches und ein Leaderboard.

Wer kompetitives Spielen mag, wird seine Freude mit dem neusten Patch von Battlefleet Gothic Armada haben. Dieser führt sowohl eine Rangliste als auch das kompetitive Ranglistenspiel ein, welches Tindalos Interactive vor einer Weile versprach. Darüber hinaus kann man Cruiser Clash nun mit einem größeren Punktelimit bestreiten, womit die Entwickler sich einem weiteren häufig genannten Kritikpunkt an ihrem Spiel annehmen. Außerdem gibt es neue Achievements für die Space Marines und den Elite-Modus. Wie bei jedem Patch finden sich zusätzlich allerhand Bugfixes, Verbesserungen und Optimierungen in den offiziellen Patchnotes.


This latest patch brings the Ranked Matches and Leaderboard, as well as a lot of bug fixes and tweaks.

Update 29/07/16: We updated the game to fix several known issues:

Fix of the issue where, in ranked mode, if you replaced a ship, the associated skills and upgrades were not refunded.
Fix of the issue where, in ranked, manual refund of weaponry upgrades wasn’t working as intended and gave back only 50% of the initial purchase price.
Fix of an issue causing Space Marines Strike Cruisers to have 4 assault actions instead of 3.
Fix of an issue with the Master of Forge.

Here’s the patchnotes:


Ranked Matches are now available.
Integration of the Selection/Creation of ranked profiles flow.
Leaderboard now available.
New achievements for Space Marine faction and Elite Mode.
Cruiser Clash can now be played with increased fleet point limit in Custom Matches (1v1 & 2v2) and in Multiplayer 2v2, allowing you to take 800 point fleets to your games.


In ranked mode, refund grants 100% of the cost back.
In Ranked Mode, Admirals and ships start at max level.
In Ranked Mode, Reconditioning is free.
Tzeentch “Wind of Change” now hides all allied ships, regardless of the faction.
The Desolator Battleship has been modified.
Its speed is now 188 instead of 150.
Its cost is now 235 instead of 233.
Ork Pirates
Zzaps Damages divided by 2 and cost reduced accordingly.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug allowing skills to be launched twice in a row, once with Auto-launch and once manually.
Fixed a bug allowing the same part to be critically damaged multiple times, with its penalties stacked.
Fixed a bug on the “Fear the Darkness” Space Marine skill causing the indicated chances not to be modified by the Chief Librarian crew member’s level.
Fixed a bug on the “Fear the Darkness” Space Marine skill allowing the guest to use it without setting it on cooldown.
Fixed a bug allowing a player to click on “return to main menu” then on “quit” while still in the escape menu, causing the game to load the Main menu then close immediately afterwards.
Fixed a bug allowing a player to use the “Void Energy Transfer” skill on an Eldar ship, which had no effect.
The Critically damaged parts feedback in Advanced Info mode sometimes did not refresh.
Fixed a bug causing the “Warp Echo Signature” to appear in the Tzeentch cloud.
Fixed a bug causing the “Rigour” upgrade to malfunction and allow insubordinations.
Fixed a bug causing manipulated skills to be deselected if an auto-launched skill was used.
Fixed a bug forcing a ship in “All Ahead Full!” to stop to turn if the move order is too close to the ship.
Fixed a bug causing a guest ship warping out with the Auto-launch to have its warping out gauge filled instantly.
Fixed a bug keeping the Attack Orders on the “real” ship if it swaps with the Tzeentch decoy.
Fixed a bug causing the attack orders to stay (linked to nothing) if they are given on the Tzeentch Decoy and it disappear.
Defensive platforms triggered the move Acknowledged sound when given an order. It is no longer the case.
Fixed a bug preventing the camera from colliding with celestial bodies.
Fixed a bug causing the same countdowns to be kept between successive Custom Planetary Assault missions.
Fixed a bug preventing a player to be unlinked from its ally at the end of a Custom mission, which prevent further Custom missions to be played the way it should.
Fixed a bug that prevented the player from rotating the ship in the Docks using a maintained right click.
It was possible to invite a friend while searching for a multiplayer game. It is no longer the case.
A loading screen is now displayed between the Solo Docks and the Main Menu.
Fixed a bug causing Boarding Shuttles to follow their target ship out of the map if it was destroyed.
Fixed a bug allowing the damages from a Plasma Engine Surge to be dealt to ships before the according FX.
Fixed a bug sometimes preventing the Insubordination/Execution part to be triggered.
Fixed a bug placing a long waiting time between the end of the “Attack on the Webway” campaign mission and the cinematic.
Fixed a bug allowing a player to give an attack order on a ship currently invisible to him by clicking on its position (the sound of an attack order can be heard.)
Fixed a bug allowing the timer of a Multiplayer Set your Fleet screen to go under 00:00 if the guest use Alt + Tab.
Fixed a bug preventing the “Restart the Mission” button from working properly.
Fixed a crash ocurring when the Host of a Multiplayer game is disconnected in the end mission cutscene.
Fixed a bug making disappear the Admiral ship during the starting cutscene if the player uses the Tabulation key.
Fixed a bug not keeping the “Locking Cursor” option setting through a quit and relaunch of the game.
Fixed the auto setting functionality which wasn’t working anymore.
Fixed a bug causing the chat to be on “To All” by default in 2v2.
Fixed a bug preventing the Guest of a multiplayer match to hear some “acknowledge” sounds.
Fixed a bug causing the guest and the host to see different detection ranges for the Space Station.
Fixed a bug preventing the Defense Platforms to cast the Energy transfer skill in the mission “The Planet Killer”.
Fixed a crash in the 2v2 Multiplayer Lobby.
Fixed a bug blocking the guest of a multiplayer game if the host disconnects in the Battle Report after clicking on Ready.
Fixed a bug allowing a Guest player to select the same ship multiple times if he clicks quick enough.
Fixed a freeze that happened when a player disconnected in the battle report or if the guest disconnected in the end cutscene.
Fixed a bug allowing the player to select evacuated transport ships through the ship list.
Fixed a bug granting +9.000 range to macro-weapons in addition to the +3.000 to lance when the Refined Lenses upgrade was set.
Fixed a bug preventing the guest from using “Burn Retroes if he used it too often too quickly.
Fixed a bug causing discrepancies between the losses in game and the recapitulated losses in the Battle Report.
Fixed a bug causing an Ork ship that received a critical damage on its prow that to lose all its subsystems.
Fixed a bug preventing the Invoked Cobra Escort ship from having a name.


Fixed a bug causing the apparition of a small white square in the Set your Fleet panel, on the Escort ship cards when the mission is launched.
Fixed a bug causing the Pulsar’s weaponry range feedback to be an arc instead of lines.
Fix of two Space Marine Captains portraits that were switched with one another.
Fixed the Arcs of attack that were slightly misplaced of a few degrees to the right.
Fixed a bug preventing the Captain XP bars to update while in the Battle Report.
Fixed a bug showing the Elite option in Skirmish Docks as grey.
Fixed a bug preventing the Eldar Space Station Shuriken’s range from being displayed.
Fixed a bug delaying the apparition of the Disruption Bomb’s feedback for the Guest in Multiplayer.
Fixed a bug hiding the Special Order cooldowns if the deck was destroyed but the Enhanced Battle Bridge was fitted on the ship.
Fixed a bug displaying the “Cancel Warp” button for a brief instant after Executing a Captain.
Fixed a bug hiding the Torpedo feedback if the ships are selected through Tabulation in a multiple selection.
Corrections brought to the Mode Selection in Multiplayer.
Animation added to the Mode selection in Multiplayer.
Fixed a bug causing some Weapons skills to display a Permanent Critical damage icon when its affiliated weapon is only temporarily damaged.
Fixed a bug causing the Back button in the multiplayer mode selection not to work.
Fixed a bug always displaying “1” in the gamma setting when we relaunched the game.


Small tweaks on Space Marine Engines FX.
Small tweaks on planet FX.
Modifications brought to the Imperial Navy engines.
Less brightness on Chaos Lances FX.
Fixed a visual glitch on the Master of the Forge parts of a ship.
Fixed a bug preventing some Ulthwe and Saim-Hann favour details to appear on the Kurnous pattern Shadow and the Vaul Pattern Eclipse ships.
Fixed a bug showing the Eldar Transports reactors FX to be flipped.
Corrections brought to the Generator subsystems on Nurgle marked Chaos ships.
Fixed a bug causing some ships in the starting cutscenes not to have reactors FX.
Fixed a bug preventing High Energy Turn and Emergency Repairs from being displayed properly on the Retribution Battleship.
Fixed a bug causing the Space Marine Chapter insignia to keep a standard color even if the part was critically damaged.
Fixed a bug causing the smoke FX of the first mission’s space station to stay active on every Space Stations.
Solaris and Eclipse Eldar ships now have Asteroids-damage FXs.
Fixed a bug preventing Space Marine insignia from being suppressed in case of permanent critical damage on their parts.
Ships not yet visible now still play the Augur Disruptor FX.
Augmented the Memory allocation to texture streaming.
Fixed a bug displaying small black squares in the Reactor FX of the Space hulk in “The Hunt” Campaign mission if the Advanced Unfos mode is activated.
“Word of the Emperor” FX entirely changed.
Fixed a bug causing the Reactors FX not to be linked to the ship, thus ignoring the roll of the ship.
Some Reactor FX are now visible in the Deployment phase.
Fixed a bug causing a side element of the Despoiler Battleship to disappear if the Mark of Khorne was fitted on it.
Improvements brought to the Nova Cannon feedback.
Fixed a bug causing visuals to be blurred when switching from Medium to Low graphic details without changing textures.
When a Dauntless ship takes a Permanent critical damage to the prow, it was separated from the ship. It is now kept as intended.


Randomized Space Marines Admirals are now created with a Random Chapter too.
An assertion message is now displayed when you want to quit or restart a mission, to make sure that you want to leave.
Admirals randomly generated now feature a fully randomized fleet rather than a ship of each model.
A red circle is now displayed around celestial bodies in Advanced Infos mode.
A red circle is now displayed around Eldar Maelstrom in Advanced Infos mode.
The recipient of a message is now displayed on chat.
Writing a save name then using Enter now saves the game under such name.
The Tactical Cogitator now have a different look when the enemy uses it.
The Antialiasing Option has been modified to be clearer.
Timeout added to the Ranked Battle Report to avoid a blocking situation if a player is disconnected.
The admiral panel is now modified to fit the options possible in the Ranked Multiplayer docks.
Like Space Marine torpedoes, Shuriken and missile pods projectiles now lose their targets if it becomes stealthy.
A special overlay message “Boarding Resist” is now displayed when a ship resists an assault action due to the Master of Sanctity “Word of the Emperor” skill.
While in game, the Nemesis ships names are now translated.
New Loading tips are now displayed in Loading screens.
The escape key now stops the timer in a change of resolution.


Various Modifications.
Space Marines Macro-batteries had the wrong names for their stats, it is now fixed.
Suppression of the “Alt for More” text of numerous elements. Their base versions now display the Advanced Content by default.
Modification on the ships names. They are now in a more suitable order: Class Name + Model Name (Example: Light Cruiser Vanguard).
Fixed the Asteroid Tooltip that indicated an accuracy modifier of 0.
Fixed a bug showing wrong values in the “Fear the Darkness” Tooltip in Set your Fleet and In-Game.
Ships names written raw in the game are now linked to the localization.
Campaign “Exterminatus” and the “Turns left” are now localized.
One of the Space Marine Captain did not have Capital Letters on his name. It is now fixed.
Fixed a bug displaying the Tooltip of “Fear the Darkness” in the set your fleet screen incorrectly.
The confirmation message in the resolution change is now translated in all available languages.
The Adversary surrender message was too long in some language, cutting the text. It is now displayed correctly.
The description of the “Rigour” Imperial Navy favour upgrade is now explaining its real effect.
All the variables in the Traktor Kanon Tooltip have been replaced by their correct value.
The confirmation message for leaving the Campaign was cut in several languages, now it fits as intended.
The “Back” button in the Multiplayer mode selection is now translated.
Multiple bugs fixed : Decaled text in the scorescreen, flicking text in a confirmation message, text cut in some places.
A text in German was too long and created a flicking.


Lightning Strikes and Boarding successes acknowledge sounds are now played.
Heavily Damaged acknowledge sounds are now played.
Recovery and Assassination missions acknowledge sounds are now played.
Fixed a bug causing problems on Disengagement acknowledge sounds.
Fixed a bug causing the Tactical Cogitator to affect the time between two acknowledge sounds.
Fixed an error in Planetary Assault Space Marine acknowledge sounds.
Fixed a bug not playing “Escort destroyed”, “Success”, “Failure”, “Movement”, “Order”, “Fire at will” and “cancel order’ acknowledge sounds for the guest of a game.
Fixed a bug not playing “Bombardment mission Expiration” acknowledge sound.
Some acknowledge sounds for the Data recovery mission were switched. They are now playing with the intended event.
Fixed a bug causing the guest to not have any collision sound.
Corrections brought to the Big Red Button’s acknowledge sound.

Known Issues

When the Host uses the „Running Silent“ order, the guest sees the „Lock On!“ special order icon.
The Imperium Space Station weapons range is not displayed correctly.
Sometimes, the guest can’t see the enemy ships in a gaz cloud.
A rare crash might hapenned between two round of a Ranked.


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